Avant Festival: Box Emissions Systems

Tonight (Friday, July 25) Cork fans of all things modular will get a chance to explore the hardwired world of synthesizers, as part of a special event being held at the Guesthouse, Shandon Street.


Organiser Declan Synnott filled us in on what participants can expect:


“Box Emissions Systems will hold a modular synthesiser workshop as part of this years Avant (full programme at http://theavant.wordpress.com). This workshop will give some history of modular synth, focusing on the ‘West Coast’ style of the likes of Buchla and Serge.


“The workshop will also detail the development of DIY synth building communities, showing how it has become possible for anyone to start building these synths, emphasising that they are no longer just for collectors. Afterwards, there will be a live demonstration, with attendees invited to take part and have a look at some modular synths in action. This is in the guesthouse, Shandon, starting at 8.30. The event is also completely free.


“Box Emissions Systems have been building synths for the last five years, working primarily with modular synths, they have recently begun commissioning custom builds, with a focus on handling as much of the manufacturing process themselves, from internal construction to the design and building of the synth housing.”


Video – BES Build of Buchla 208:





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