Band of Clouds Float Over Cork

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Far be it from us to tell you all what to do with your time, but you need to listen up about Saturday night next.

Band of Clouds are a group based out of Waterford and directed (if that’s the word) by Cork native John Hegarty from his Granny It’s OK Studio.

Their second album Appear to float was released just before Christmas, a brilliantly soulful and teasing, in a way, collection of tunes.

The arrangements tend to have the kitchen sink thrown at them but never sound as if they’re struggling under that burden.

Gorgeous dream pop (‘Cats cuts’) rubs shoulders easily with ominous dub cuts (‘Kingdumb of the wicked’) and CocoRosie-style haunted lullabies (‘Consequences’) with an effortless ease.

It’s a genre mess but you’ll love that about it.

They play a rare live show in Cork this weekend (details in the image above), one of a number of dates around the country; your attendance is strongly suggested.

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