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With their ace debut single ‘Tonight’ now on release, and their first Cork show next month, Death in the Sickroom’s Mark Heffernan lets us in on his favourite albums…in descending order…

#5: Whipping Boy – Heartworm

Whipping Boy’s finest moment and arguably the best album to come from any Dublin band (Loveless being a very close second). Heartworm encompasses all the nuances and charms of what it means to be a Dub, the sense of foreboding melancholia topped off with a comical bitterness delivered perfectly by the intrinsically Dublin frontman Ferghal McKee. A massive influence on us in the sense that you could embrace Dublin culture and sing with an accent without being kitsch.

#4: The La’s – The La’s

The easiest band in the world to get in to. One amazing album and every song on it a gem. ‘There she goes’ isn’t even the best tune on it and that’s saying something!

#3: LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

My favourite band of the noughties that weren’t really a band at all. I’d argue that it has the best three songs in a row on any album since The Stone Roses’ debut. ‘North American Scum’, ‘Someone Great’ and ‘All my friends’ are some of the best songs of the decade – particularly ‘All my friends’ which probably is the song of the decade in my opinion.

#2: Pixies – Doolittle

The first record I really loved. It got me through some banal package holidays in the summers of 08 and 09 and I’m forever indebted to it. Grotesque, disturbing, witty, catchy, even whimsical and dare I say “cute” at times. In essence it’s a pop record except instead of having songs about love there are songs about mutilation, debasing and gouging.

#1: The Smiths – The Queen is Dead

It’s the ultimate cure for teenage misery, as relevant now as it was when released nearly 30 years ago. Every lyric is poetry, every guitar line a work of genius, every song a masterpiece. It makes you sing, it makes you dance, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry. Without it there’d be no Death In The Sickroom.

Death in the Sickroom Live Shows
The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Aug 6th, w/ The Sex Beasts & Eulogys
The Bello Bar, Dublin, Aug 16th

‘Tonight’ is available now on iTunes

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