Dissolutes – “Brutal Theatre”

dissolutesThe album opens with “Fight or Flight Response” beginning with a menacing stoner groove reminiscent of early Kyuss before shifting to something more akin to Dave Grohl’s adventures in Foo-land. The vocals are gritty and real with a snappy snare sound punching through the dirty guitars. Very-nice-indeed.

Past Abandoned tumbles in with a deliberately weary sounding riff, it’s got Chris Cornell written all over the initial vocals and the music is vintage Soundgarden, powerfully driven by bass and kick-drum, albeit without the odd time signatures so beloved of Chris et al. Track 3 “Storm Gonna Lock You Up” kicks in and threatens a funk groove before the vocals introduce a bad-ass riff full of attitude and snarl. The track is a real gem of southern biker rock posturing – picture The Sons of Anarchy riding out of town after a good nights fun. “The Gift” is driven by a tasty bass and drum groove, a much more classic rock affair with some of the riffs hinting at Deep Purple or early Whitesnake, there’s even keys in there adding some boogie and the mouth organ at the end seals the deal.

Track 5,”Beggars Belief” has a great intro, snapping hi-hats and a guitar riff that snakes its way in and out. The vocals are in a different register to the tracks thus far – the track is a real treat and one of the standout numbers on the album. Big Talk is a bit like Skynard going through the motions – hard to see this as anything but filler given the quality that went before it. “Devils in The Detail” gets us back on track with a stomping intro and hectic verse structure, resolving with a very clever chorus, there is a belt of American rockers Clutch to this track with the final verse’s vocal phrasing veering a little too close to  Clutch territory – an impressive guitar solo makes me forgive though.

“Snakes in Suits” has a fuzzy goodness to the guitars and bass, there is a monster of a stoner rock riff and then it opens up to a good time romp, unusual but it works nicely. The tom-tom play on drums adds plenty weight and the vocal performance is excellent – a nice number. “Dissatisfaction” kicks in with pure riff driven energy, some superb drumming drives the verse before the main riff kicks back in, plenty of fuzz and drive to the guitars and a killer vocal hook – certainly one of the top 3 tracks on the album. The title track closes the album with authority – menacing vocals accompany a thundering bass and drum combo as the band sign off on a job well done.

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