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Elastic Sleep are easily Cork’s most lauded band at present. The reviews for the dream-pop / shoegaze groups recently released EP Leave You have been nothing short of ecstatic. The band are currently doing the rounds with a number of gigs lined up over the coming days.



Thursday, May 15: Cobblestone Joes, Limerick supporting the Octopus Project

Friday, May 16: DeBarras, Clonakilty

Saturday, May 17: Bello Bar, Dublin w/Otherkin and Segrasso



Friday, June 6: Roisin Dubh w/Dott, Galway


Vocalist Muireann was kind enough to give We Are Noise her Top 5 Tracks.


‘Hiveless Bee’ – Morning Veils



I love watching this band live, their gigs are quite emotionally tense. This song keeps floating into my mind at the moment so I wanted to put it in this list. This recording is different to what they do live, but it’s class, it’s great to get to hear another version of it!



‘Teen Dreams’ – Hookworms



I was given a gift of a Hookworms record by an excellent gift giver (Ruairi Dale). I’m not sure what I specifically like about this track, I think it was putting it on without any expectations (as I had no idea what they sounded like) and it being exactly what I wanted to listen to.



‘Nightcall’ – Kavinsky



If you don’t know this song, it’s worth hearing it for the first time in the opening sequence of the film Drive. And then watch the rest of the film, it’s great.



‘Silence’ – PJ Harvey



I love this song, the loneliness is haunting.



‘Le Cygne’ – Saint-Saens




This was the first video that came to mind when I thought of this list, I love it. It’s quite a short, and I guess, sorrowful piece of music, and one of those ones that everyone knows to hear. The footage was recorded without sound around 1925, so the music has just been added on, possibly a little inaccurately, but it’s beautiful.





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