Former Monarchs – “The Cost of Living”

former_monarch Good to see an long-standing (at this stage I guess) Cork band taking off a bit, feels like it’s been ages since that’s happened, at least for stuff that even slightly wears a rock hat. Former Monarchs are at it a while now and they seem to be putting the hours in and working, and it seems to be working. Is that some of the worst writing ever – er – made? Hey Whatever, as Westlife would say. I played drums for a few gigs with these guys when two of them were in a band called Burn us Both, and I think that was about 8 years ago now. They were sort of angular melodic rock back then and what we get now with Former Monarchs is a slicker and sharper approach to a pretty similar thing. In fact the whole album feels more confident, slicker and smarter with a genuinely pleasing aesthetic which perhaps was unfocused in the past and has been knocked into shape with relentless plugging. The band appears confident and glued together now, with a production by Christian Best which feels strong and rigid while simultaneously loose and live. It’s really excellent production actually, helped by great vocals. And check out their video, it’s simple but really looks great (I think I recognise that girls as well – was she the singer in Silence Jakk?) Former Monarchs have really stepped out of the local thing in every way. So long lads, wear a Cork jersey or something when you’re on the telly.

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