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Cork trip-hop merchants freezerRoom recently released their third record.

As always the Temptation EP is more high quality stuff from Graham White and co. The current EP features three vocal tracks from Hazel O’Sullivan, plus a typically languid, downtempo instrumental from Graham himself. As always, he has utilised some of the finest Cork based musicians for the EP.

The record is currently available to stream and download for free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We Are Noise recently caught up with Graham for a quick-fire chat. While we were at hit we asked Graham, a veritable veteran of the Cork music scene to choose a Top 5 acts currently doing the rounds on the Cork scene at the minute.




Female vocalist have always featured strongly in the music of Freezer Room – is that a personal preference or is it simply a case of you believing the female voice is better suited to the sort of music you make as freezerRoom?

Funny you should mention that, I’m looking for a male vocalist to collaborate with for the next EP. At the time when I started freezerRoom around 2005 I had just finished working with Ray Scannell with our band The Shades.That was nearly 10 years of male vocals. Two of my favourite bands both have female vocals (Little Dragon & Portishead) so I suppose that was the vibe I was going for when working with freezerRoom.


Collaboration have always been a cornerstone of the way freezerRoom goes about writing and recording music – who’s featured this time around?

This time round Hazel O’Sullivan is featuring on vocals, Diarmuid Galvin on bass and guitar, Karen O’Doherty on violin, Paul Dunlea on trombone, Jonathan Pearson on Piano and Eoin Walsh on lead synth.

Myself and Colm Kenefick mixed the record and John Dent Mastered it. Diarmuid and Karen are my house mates so it was always going to happen that they would play on some tunes. The artwork and video was also a collaboration with Rachel Stack.


What do you look for in a collaborator?

I think if you can get two or three players that come from completely different musical backgrounds it can make it way more interesting when writing. Of course it helps if they’re talented and are into the music I’m making.


Is there anyone in particular you would like to work with locally, nationally or internationally?

There are a few local vocalist’s I hope to work with, but I haven’t gotten around to asking them yet so I won’t go naming them.


Who were the biggest influences for you when writing and producing the most recent EP?

Mount Kimbie, Portishead, Little Dragon, Bonobo, Phill France, Andrew Phillpott, Colm Kenefick…


The nature of the industry has changed significantly since you started writing and performing music – the new EP is available for free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud – on the whole do you think the industry has changed for the better?

Not sure if it’s changed for the better, I didn’t make money from it when the industry was good so I try not to think about it too much and focus more on the music. Building a fan base is what’s important to me at the moment. If the songs are good enough and you keep working it things will fall into place.


Do these changes affect in any way the manner that you go about writing and performing music?

Gig’s started costing me money with freezerRoom so I’ve given up on that for a while. It never did change the way I write music but I’m working on a happy positive pop tune at the moment, So maybe it has…Just for one song only………


Will there be any live dates to mark the release?

No live dates to mark this release. All my time and effort is going into the next two EP’s that I’m working on right now. I do plan to play live show’s soon but not till I have another new EP ready for release.




Broad Bean Band


Andrew Phillpott and Clovisse Ferguson are the Broad Bean Band. They have a great electronic album out at the moment. Andrew is one of my favourite electronic producers and I got lucky to be able to sit in on plenty of his session’s in the studio (and the pub!)




I was a big fan of Hush War Cry so I was expecting Eoin’s new project Talos to be great, which it is. Brilliant song writer. I still have that song on repeat.


Colm K


Colm has had some great releases recently and I expect bigger to come. Hope to hear a new EP from him this year!


Elastic Sleep


Only just came across these guys awhile back. Really like this song and I think they have a great sound.


The Altered Hours


I think that tune says enough, Will be one of the biggest tunes to come out of Cork this year. I really like it, brilliant dynamics.





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