Ghost Estates, New Single & Cork Show

Ghost Estates

The hardworking Alliance Promotions are back with another show at the end of the month.

It features a return to Cork for Ghost Estates, as they release their new single ‘In your dreams’.

This is also a signpost to the band’s second album which is currently in the works.

Seems to us like it’s another slice of superior alt-pop, with a mildly epic feel and a barrel-load of energy. Top tune basically.

You can get it for half nothing below or listen for free (that’s the modern way).

Check below also for further Ghost Estates live shows around the single release – Cove and Cleary & Golding are the supports for the Cork show by the way – and above for the poster with dates and times.

Also below is some nice film that Alliance put together at their last event with Oh Boland and Me and My Dog in April. It’s an appealing mix of live footage and backstage chat which should get you in the mood for May 31st.

Ghost Estates Live Shows
16th May – Galway IE – Roisin Dubh
22nd May – Dublin IE – Whelans
31st May – Cork IE – Crane Lane Theatre
3rd Aug – Offally IE – Castle Pallozza

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