Josh (Ilenkus / Feast Promotions) Top 5

Josh Guyett is the guitarist / vocalist with Galway tech / post metal outfit Ilenkus as well as the man behind Feast Promotions 

Josh has been busy of late, with Ilenkus having recently released the first massive single ‘Over the Fire, Under the Smoke‘ from forthcoming album The Crossing.

He’s also doing his fair share with Feast Promotions who will soon welcome the highly touted post-rock / metal act Deafheaven to the Roisin Dubh, Galway on August 18.

He kindly found the time to provide We Are Noise with this (heavy) Top 5, which is certain to blast the cobwebs off you ahead of the weekend.


Clipping. – “Story 2”

I recently discovered Clipping. Harsh sounds and disjointed beats combined with smart and eloquently phrased rapping, these guys have become one of my favourite acts right now. This song I think is particularly awesome because of the way the voice synchronises with an ever developing rhythm.



Cult Leader – “Flightless Birds”

Cult Leader is the new incarnation of a band called Gaza. Super heavy and aggressive – “Flightless Birds” has so much energy and attitude. It’s brutal, technical and awesome.




Death Grips – “Say Hey Kid”

Death Grips have been one of the best and most exciting acts around for the last few years. “Say Hey Kid” is from their new record and like all the songs on the first half of the LP, it features Bjork. The song has buckets of character and an abrasive sound, synonymous with the now defunct group.




Bossk – “The Pick Up Artist b/w Albatross”

A band from the UK that I only really found out about in the last few months, Bossk are pretty much a post-metal band, but the absolute best kind. No holds barred – this song is super dynamic. It’s softly melodic and crazy heavy at the same time (plus it has a sneaky Fleetwood Mac cover at the end).




Rejjie Snow – “Nights Over Georgia”

It’s so good to see some quality hip hop coming out of Ireland lately and Rejjie Snow is definitely that. I like this song (and particularly the video) because it’s so laid back but with a dark undercurrent running through it.





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