Julia Kent – Top 5 Cello Pieces


Solo cellist Julia Kent plays her first Irish shows next month, having charted a distinguished solo career so far over the course of three albums. For a twist on our Top 5, we asked for her favourite pieces of music which feature her own instrument centre-stage. She came up with the following sublime choices…

Arthur Russell: Our Last Night Together from World of Echo

For me, “World of Echo” is Arthur Russell’s most moving record–it’s like a glimpse inside someone’s soul–and this song is perhaps his most heartbreaking.

Tom Cora: The Passing

Tom Cora was such a fierce and expressive cellist. I love all the music he did with The Ex as well.

Ernst Reijseger: Colla Parte

Ernst Reijseger is really a master: listening to him is like traveling along a unknown river. His scores for Werner Herzog’s films also are amazing, and their video installation, “Hearsay of the Soul,” was a highlight of the last Whitney Biennial.

Hildur Gudnadottir: Leyfdu Ljosinu

I love the haunting and oneiric textures of this piece.

Helen Money: Untitled

So powerful in its dynamic contrasts. Helen Money’s most recent record, “Arriving Angels,” is really fantastic.

(In the course of finding the above, we also came across the following piece with Helen which we felt compelled to add in as a bonus for all you pedal geeks out there – Ed.)

Julia Kent plays the TDC at Triskel Arts Centre, COrk, Mar 1; The Odessa, Dublin, Mar 2

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