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no spill blood

Dublin-based 3-piece No Spill Blood make a welcome (and overdue) return to Cork for the Plugd Weekender next weekend…to mark the occasion keyboard man Ruadhan O Meara sent us these blistering Top 5 thoughts…

1. The Screamers

This amazing band unfortunately never released a proper record, though they did intend to release their debut recording on VHS for some reason. Their Demos 77-78 album gives a good idea of what they were up to though, and there is a wealth of footage on youtube.


2. Brainiac

Simply one of the best bands ever, Brainiac’s wild incorporation of synths into their brand of 90s Touch and Go rock still inspires to this day. They were really breaking new ground with their Electro Shock for President ep in 1997, but this streak of innovation was tragically brought to an abrupt halt with the death of their frontman Timmy Taylor later that year. One can only wonder where they would have taken their sound next….


3. Six Finger Satellite

Similar buzz to Brainiac, these guys put out some great records in the 90s making demented sounds with old 70s and 80s analogue gear. They are still on the go, reforming a few years back, but without their founding member John Maclean (aka THE JUAN MACLEAN) who prefers to make bland disco music for DFA.


4. Trans Am

Trans Am have given some of the best live performances i have seen over the years (even setting the cymbals on fire during one gig). We saw the drummer’s solo act PUBLICIST play at the Out of the Crowd Festival in Luxembourg while on tour with Fang Island last year. It was one of the most ridiculous yet downright awesome gigs we’ve seen in a long time. They have a new album coming out in May, really looking forward to it.


5. Devo

The daddies of them all! Currently obsessing over the HARDCORE DEVO reissues – these guys were in the first wave of musicians to get their hands on those early moogs etc and I love all the strange and silly sounds they got them to produce, even at that early stage. Sadly we lost both Alan Meyers and Bob Casale in the last year, rest in peace spuds!



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