Pine For Your Loved One’s Again: Interview

Have you heard? Winter’s coming! But before the summer leaves us there’s one more opportunity to enjoy a day at the beach. Shorts and sandals are optional, but ear-plugs might be necessary because this is no ordinary day at the beach. This is Pine For Your Loved One’s (Again), the annual music festival that takes place at Pine Lodge, Myrteville.

This year’s impressive line-up features Ten Past Seven, Terriers, Percolator, Lamp, Gummidge and Guilty Optics and takes placed next Saturday, September 13. We Are Noise caught up with the events promoter Paul McNamara to discuss seaside rock shenanigans.


 For the uninitiated, could you give us the low-down on the event, its history (under Livewire Promotions), and how you came to be involved?

Yup, so every year a bunch of bands make their way down to Pine Lodge in Myrtleville to play a gig. A bus is organised to shepherd some of the fine citizens of Cork city and beyond out to the venue and back again. And it’s great every time. The Livewire lads kept the tradition alive for many years, and various other good heads have taken it on other years.

Last year I didn’t hear of anyone putting it on and was dying to play there again. I’m based in Dublin now so rang Mini (Terriers) to see if he could help with some of the Cork side of organising and he was up for it. Then just rang around and managed to get a line-up of bangin acts. Got great weather for it and all in all it was a great day so we’re back again this year for hopefully more of the same.


Pine Lodge is quite a unique venue in terms of its location. It also has a rich history with regards to acts that have played the venue. What is it that appeals to you personally about Pine Lodge?

There’s just a variety of things that come together there. Certainly the location is just stunning and the large area out the front and back make for a great buzz between acts. The front room for the gigs is a nice size and isn’t intimidating and whatever the acoustics are there it always seems to have a good sound.

Also because of the size of the room it’s possible for bands to just turn up their amps rather than going through the PA. They’ve got nice pints and then, I don’t know, there’s always just a great buzz there. Whatever it is about the place everyone just seems to give it socks once things get going. We’ll blame the sea air I think.


The festival has been running for a number of years and has hosted some of the biggest names in Irish music (including ASIWYFA and Adebisi Shank). Have you any particular fond memories or highlights from pervious events?

Well with PUR (Private Underground Residence) we did our second ever show there (the first was a disaster). After us Elk and then Jezery played, neither of whom I’d seen before, and both of whom blew me away so that was my intro to the place. The weather last year was just superb and moments that stuck out were Barry of Hands Up handing his mike to someone out the front of the pub and proceeding to run around the front garden doing his usual Hands Up Thing. Before that Bridges of Madison County were playing but in the window out the front there was two 7 or 8 year girls dancing their heads off to, well, music that you wouldn’t have expected them to be into. url

However, by far my best memories were seeing I’ll Eat Your Face out there year after year. The front room would be packed and then the windows behind the band would be open with another huge crowd and everyone would be going absolutely insane. It’s for good reason that they played there pretty much every year of the Party in the Pines gigs.



In terms of the groups playing this year’s event, there’s a number of local Cork acts as well as one Dublin act. What were you looking for when selecting the line-up this year? Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to seeing at this year’s event?

It has to be said I’m absolutely delighted to have 10 Past 7 playing it this year. They’ve been one of my favourite bands live and on record for many years and I think they’re gonna eat the place up. When selecting the lineup it’s always just been a case of who would I want to see playing at this and it’s great to be getting my wishes for it coming through again this year. It is an added bonus though that these bands are coming from all over the country, which just highlights the wealth of great bands we’ve got in the country at the moment.


Given the high quality levels of this Irish-centric line up it seems pertinent to ask you of your opinion of the current state of Irish independent music. Are we in a good place right now? While the plight of venues is well documented (the recent closure of the Pavilion being one such striking example), how important is it that venues such as Pine Lodge continue to exist as a platform for Irish music?

Ya, I personally think that there’s great and original things going on musically in the country at the moment. Right across the musical spectrum there’s groups doing things are as innovative and thrilling as bands from anywhere else in the world. Certainly the issue of getting people into shows has gotten worse in recent years but it was still an issue even when there was more cash about the place, in particular for certain types of rock shows.

I think the main thing is that these venues become the homes for certain types of music in an area and when they go, very often a new home is not found for the music again for a long time. So for sure just by having venues like Pine Lodge around helps keeps this music going.




Tickets for the event, which includes a return bus from Patrick’s Quay, are available from Plugd Records at the Triskel Arts Centre for €12.50. The bus will leave the city centre at 5.30pm and return at one o’clock the following morning. See the Facebook Event Page for full details.




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