Rebecca Collins, On Tour & New Solo Album

Rebecca Collins

We mentioned Rebecca Collins recently, on foot of her new solo single.

We say solo as she also of course sings with Copenhagen-based Danish-Irish group The Unusual History of Ether, a band whose album A distant age we enjoyed very much last year.

Following opening single ‘The snow’, Rebecca’s album Earth is now out and she plays several Irish shows later this month to mark the occasion.

You can, and should, listen to the album below. It’s a stripped-back affair (certainly compared to TUHOE), centring around deceptively simple (mostly) fingerpicked acoustic guitar figures and an up close, intimate and persuasive vocal. This is no standard singer-songwriter template though.

To wit, there is room for some gloriously atmospheric moments – check the heaving harmonium on ‘My heart is a lake’ or the imaginative vocal harmonies on ‘Bird on a wire’ (not the Leonard Cohen song).

There’s an intensity about the songs too that compares well with luminaries of the genre such as Joni Mitchell or Suzanne Vega.

Powerful stuff, as the man said, and it should sound great at De Barra’s, The Odessa, The Blackbird et al later in the month.

Rebecca Collins Tour Dates 2014

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