Reverend Green Goes to Jail – Line in the Sand

a0134365610_2“Line in the Sand” is a three-track release from a new Cork -based four-piece with what appears to be Irish & Italian pedigree, featuring sometime Noise contributor Scott McGowan on guitar. Eagle-eared listeners may remember Scott from his old band Ideal End, who started life on Thin Lizzy and Metallica covers before eventually doing their own solid metallic grunge thing. Fast forward four or five years, and Reverend Greene goes to Jail almost takes up where Ideal End left off with it’s riff-oriented harmonised classic rock approach, and the talented Italian Valentina Vinciguerra delivering a powerhouse vocal performance. It’s nothing too crazy in terms of tempo or dynamic, and the three tunes settle into a confident, mid-paced groove in order to let the delicious wah leads shine. As a big Skunk Anansie fan (well, the first two albums anyway) I can hear a definite influence somewhere, be it the vocal melodies or the cannon-esque volume-laden vocals on the chorus of the title track. Even little touches of vibrato recall Skin belting it out at some second rate UK festival in 1998. I wandered in to Freds there a few weeks ago to see Reverend Green (as I’ve decided they’re now called) launch this EP and was actually blown away with their tightness as a band and the singer’s undeniable power. They actually had the place rammed and loving it about three tunes in. Oh, and they fucking did “Selling Jesus”. So sweet.

Available to stream, for fans of AIC and Skunk Anansie. Not brain surgery, just a rock band actually singing and playing some good songs.

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