SlowPlaceLikeHome, New Single Streaming & Debut Album Annoucement

SPLH Romola

Exciting news in from Bluestack Records.

It seems a release date for the debut album from SlowPlaceLikeHome has finally been set.

Upon which there will be much rejoicing…but for now, read on.

Donegal-based musician and producer SlowPlaceLikeHome has announced details of his upcoming debut LP Romola.

Romola will be released through Bluestack Records on August 11th 2014.

The first single from the album is She Comes in Colour Stereo which is now streaming on soundcloud is out on June 23rd.

The single is another winner from the SPLH stable, featuring many (at this stage) signature elements. High tone, heart-lifting synth lines. Warm mid-range pulses. Propulsive basslines. Lush guitar chords. Friendly kosmische squelches.

To add to that beguiling list, this time we also have handclaps and – always welcome – some backing “woo-hoos”.

Which all makes for something insanely melodic and made for the kind of summer today is teasing us with.

The official video for ‘She Comes in Colour Stereo’, directed and produced by Ciara Kennedy & Brigitta Szaszfai is also now live, check transmission below.

It’s an absolute hoot – there’s a riot of colour, an Asian woman in her pyjamas and paint (or is it yoghurt) bouncing on a stereo speaker cone.

SPLH Keith Mannion

For those coming new to SlowPlaceLikeHome, here’s a little background info courtesy of the label.

Deep in the forests of South Donegal, surrounded by wildlife of all proportions, the sounds of SlowPlaceLikeHome are nurtured. Every note is influenced by the scenic countryside on the Atlantic North West coast of Ireland.

The lone creator of these tones is Irish native Keith Mannion. Self-imposed semi-isolation from the local hubs, has led to the distinct style of his music. Beneath the somewhat pastoral compositions, lies an earthly and organic centre.

The melding of Ireland’s unique North-Western landscape and the world of electronic music.

Yes, that’s good. A man creating his own “local” hub in the Atlantic North West.

Special mention too for the wonderful cover artwork (top of the page) which is by Dublin-based artist Jules Hackett.

We’ll have plenty more on the album in due course but for now prepare to fall in love with this.

Album Pre-Order:
Romola is now available to Pre-Order digitally from and

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