The Last Vinci, Cork Show at The Pavilion July 3rd, New Single

last vinci

One of the elements of the burgeoning Cork rock scene is the presence of “blow-ins” – you know, non-natives who tend to have a refreshing perspective and blow the natives out of any sense of complacency.

We can list The Last Vinci in this category, a band who relocated from Italy to Cork (must be a first?).

Alex Vinci has been in touch with news of their homecoming Cork show in support of latest single ‘Free from yourself’.

Check the video below – an elegant black and white piece of film. The tune ticks the boxes of both melodic and ballsy, as set out in the band bio below.

We particularly like that bit about Happiness being a matter of Choice…

The Last Vinci is an Italian rock project headed by vocalist Alex Vinci, who moved to Ireland to release his own record. Alex was a member of a rock/pop band called NoConventionalSound, who released 1 record with Warner Bros Music Italy. After 4 music videos / singles and hundreds of gigs around Italy, supporting bands such as Deep Purple and The Rasmus, Alex met a young power- rock band called SATELLITE. “I had never seen a band rock as hard as Satellite” said Alex, after seeing them live for the first time. A few jam sessions later, they decided to form a rock project bringing the following message: HAPPINESS IS NOT A QUESTION OF LUCK, IT’S A QUESTION OF CHOICE!!

Actually, they are working towards the release of their self-titled record, introduced by their first video and single “FOLLOW YOUR ORDER” (over 10.000 views on youtube).The Video has been promoted with 3 days tour on last december 12-13-14 in DUBLIN at the Sweeneys – BELFAST – Pavilion – and CORK at Bradleys. Coming out with the second video and single FREE FROM YOURSELF on may 6th, The Last Vinci will be on tour around UK and Ireland for the “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE TOUR” from the middle of June.

“The Last Vinci is a man who wants to change the world. Not to be famous, but to be free. The Last Vinci is a good way to express feelings. Not to sell records. But If we will sell records it won’t be so bad!! The Last Vinci is the biography of a life trip. Life that should not be wasted.” The Last Vinci

ORDER OF THE MESS (Power duo Post Rock/stoner feat. Alex Vinci)
Adm – Pay What You Want

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