The Shaker Hymn – New Single Runaway

Shaker Hymn Runaway

Words: Conor O’Toole

The second single from Cork’s The Shaker Hymn arrives.

It’s called ‘Runaway’ but friends, it has nothing to do with Del Shannon.

It starts with a lovely rolling drum pattern, before launching satisfying guitar pyrotechnics of several different shades – some bends here, some slides there, as well as some unexpected creamy Carlos Santana-style guitar licks (although without the Latin beat, if you follow).

In between, the vocal maintains a restrained demeanour which, unlike their explosive first single ‘Hunter & the Headman’, gives the impression of a superior album track – soulful and reaching but holding something in reserve for future skirmishes.

I’m looking forward to hearing those skirmishes.

Overall, there’s a pleasingly slinky groove which reminds a bit of a band like The Walkmen.

Who, of course, are on hiatus, so, you know…

The Shaker Hymn play Gulpd Café, Cork, on February 27th (full band acoustic gig)

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