The Vincent’s get ‘Dandy’

Cork psych / garage rockers The Vincent’s have been building a steady head of atmospheric steam these past two years, with a string of well received tracks and an EP (2013’s Valley of the Sun).


They’ve also been busy making friends in high places with Courtney Taylor of The Dandy Warholes recently requesting permission to re-mix one of the bands tracks (‘Song for the Sea) after hearing them perform at the Sea Sessions.


Taylor strips back the original’s more etheral overtones back, bringing the bass and guitar further up in the mix. It’s more stoner rock than post punk and it’s rather good.



Side Note: With the Altered Hours having already received the patronage of Anton Newcombe (he of The Brian Joneston Massacre fame), and The Vincents now getting backing from a member of the Dandy Warholes, can we reasonably expect a ‘DIG’-like rivalry with suitably bonkers shenanagins to boot? Here’s hoping…




OCTOBER 4: The Mercantile – Dublin – Hard Working Class Heroes Festival


OCTOBER 26: Whelans – Dublin (with The Minutes)


OCTOBER 31: De Barras – Clonakility


NOVEMBER 13: Workmans Club – Dublin (with TheTelescopes)


NOVEMBER 14: Dolans – Limerick (with The Telescopes)


NOVEMBER 15: Crane Lane Theatre – Cork (with The Telescopes)


NOVEMBER 16: Pine Lodge – Myrtleville (with TheTelescopes)


NOVEMBER 26: The Railway – Southend on Sea (with The Telescopes)


NOVEMBER 27: Mothers Ruin – Bristol


NOVEMBER 30: Water Rats – London (with The Telescopes)


DECEMBER 10: White Trash – Berlin



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