Tin Charm, Red Video

Tin Charm

You’ll remember Dublin band Tin Charm, who came on (y)our radar last year via their fine debut album The engine is bleeding.

It successfully found space in that little-explored niche between Dinosaur Jr and The Sea and Cake, smoothly persuasive vocals riding a wave of crushing guitars.

Patrick from the band has been in touch with an update about a video they’ve made for album track ‘Red’.

Starring myself and Brian, it tells the tale of two feuding brothers, still estranged 30 years after falling out over a comic book. One a moustache-wielding maniac the other a bearded brute, they confront one another to settle their blood feud for once and for all.

Filmed by my Mrs after five minutes of camera tuition. Fake blood and make up provided by my daughters, and starring my 2 young sons Mani and Evan, this video embraces the finest traditions of Guerilla film making….by my whole family of Guerillas!!!! Additional audio by Alan O’Boyle of Legion of Two and additional live footage by Peter O’Doherty and edited by Tim Hanan.

Check the album too, several earworms are contained within.

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