We are Noise version 2.0!

big_square We’ve been making a few changes around here lately as you may have noticed.

As part of this re-decoration, we’re also interested in hearing what you,the readers, think.

What do you expect from a music zine based in Cork/Ireland but with an eye on international currents?

 We want to have:

1. A diverse pool of contributors

2. An independent stance – this means there is no party line: views differ among contributors (in fact that difference is welcomed) and expect to find views herein not expressed in this way elsewhere.

We are looking for people who have:

3. A passion for the material – that being music. An encyclopedic knowledge might be a help but is not a prerequisite. All things being equal, passion wins the day.

4. Writing ability. Not in the literary sense, just in the sense of being able to use words to get across the passion (see above).

We like to think we’ve done ok on these fronts up to now but there’s always room for improvement. To start this rolling, we’d like to hear from female writers, and ex-pats/Cork people enjoying music in their new homes abroad.

So, anybody out there interested in getting involved, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch in the usual ways…


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