Whole Wide World – Phil Hope & John Byrne

Whole Wide World

Phil Hope and John Byrne are well-known names in Cork (and Irish) music circles, particularly vinyl circles. They are record collectors, music fans in the true sense, regularly to be found behind turntables in rooms filled with intriguing sounds, and purveyors of impeccable – and impeccably broad – tastes.

Tomorrow night they start a new venture called Whole Wide World at Gulpd Café. We asked Phil and John to give us a little background and they didn’t disappoint.


The new wave of new wave.
The new wave of mod.
The new wave of power pop.

Playing punkoid pop from the late 1970s and early 1980’s.

We’ve decided it’s possible to rekindle a past without kneeling on any nostalgic…….

Welcome to a time when people could pen songs about real social and political issues AND their record label patronage could make bestsellers out of them. A time when serial murders, ongoing colonial wars, and state sanctioned killings in holding cells – these things could vie for attention along with the yowsa yowsa’s and the sexy eyes’s. Popstars could pen lines like ‘Only takes one itchy trigger, one more widow, one less white nigger.’ You also had penmanship whose only ephemeral raison d’etre was to pin a romantic usurper called Gordon as a moron, so it wasn’t anywhere near as principled as all that. Still, some ballast to the blast…….

It might seem that the censors were more archly active back then. The reality is that there was far more ‘action’ coming from the performing floor. Still, like life, it’s not all about politics. We’re just saying that defacto popular music from this time had a more robust spine.

Phil’s picks…….

Big Star – September Gurls

Sema4 – Semaphore Messages

Jellyfish – Now she knows she’s wrong

The Chords – Maybe tomorrow

The Undertones – Get over you

John’s sticks……

Chris Stamey – The summer sun

The Atrix – Wendy’s in Amsterdam

Snatch – All I want

Dogmatic Element – Just friends

Fish Turned Human – The International

Whole Wide World
Gulpd Café
Jan 24th
9.30pm til late


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