You NEED to see Future Islands on Letterman

Synth pop outfit Future Islands are on the verge of becoming an ‘overnight’ 10 year success story on the back of an utterly enthralling and searingly emotive performance on David Letterman.

The performance, in particular that of frontman Samuel T. Herring, a hulking, brooding and theatrical presence channelling Marlon Brando, Morrisey and Henry Rollins, was so compelling it visibly jolted the veteran broadcaster from his usual lethargy, no mean feat considering the greats he has hosted down through the years.

Herring’s stage act, which encompassed the sort of wobbly legged dance routine you might expect from an embarrassing older relative at a wedding after a few too many scoops, impassioned chest thumping and some doe-eyed, searching gazes out towards his audience, was topped only by his phenomenal vocal performance which veers from soulful cooing to guttural and animalistic grunting often within the same syllable.

It truly is an unflinching and honest performance the likes of which we don’t see nearly often enough. It could easily descend into parody but it perfectly threads the line to such a degree that it’s nearly impossible to not go back and re-watch it right away.

They’re currently racking up the views on Youtube while bloggers and journalists around the world are rushing to get in on the action. Go on, put aside three and a half minutes. Your life will be better for it, I promise.

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